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01. about me

Hey, my name is
Chidozie Kenneth Ben
I'm a digital marketer

I created this website in 2018, a few years after spending nights and weekends creating graphics and building websites for struggling friends, colleagues and their referrals while working part-time with a web design company in Abuja, Nigeria as an intern back in 2015, and rounding up with my bachelor’s degree in Computer science in 2016. Inspired by my client’s happiness and success stories when empowered to easily share their work with the world, I decided… READ MORE

02. What I do

Website Design (my focus)

Let's be honest and forget the marketing fluff for a second. You need a website that looks amazing and actually works. The bottom line is, that's what I do. And if you want to know more about how I work, and how we can work together on your web project, give me a call (or send an email).

My services are not limited to website design alone, I offer a range of other digital media services that compliment website design, which is why my clients trust and stay happy with my work output.

Chidozie Kenneth Ben - Home Web Designer In Nigeria
03. My Clients

They Trust Me

I have worked with a couple of businesses, organizations, and individuals on their websites, graphics, a promotional video for social media etc. And guess what, they're always happy with my work output.

Chidozie Kenneth Ben - Web Designer in Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu
04. my philosophy

Being free to do
what I love

I combine passion and work to help my clients meet the unspoken needs of their personal brands, organizations, and businesses to drive value through engagement and participation with their customers through digital media (Website, Social Media, Search Engines etc.).

I love my work, and I am passionate as I am free to be at your service anytime, any day, any week. Just CALL or send me an EMAIL.